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Subjects and courses

National 5 Higher Advanced Higher
Accounting   Accounting  AP Accounting
Administration & IT  QP Administration & IT  AP Art and Design 
Art & Design   Art & Design  QP AP  Biology
Biology  A Biology  A Business Management 
Business Management   Business Management  AP Chemistry
Care   Care  AP Classical Studies  
Chemistry   Chemistry  W Computing Science
Classical Studies   Childcare and Development  AP Design and Manufacture
Computing Science   Classical Studies  AP Economics
Dance   Computing Science  AP Engineering Science
Design & Manufacture   Dance  AP English  
Drama   Design and Manufacture  AP French
Economics   Drama  AP Gaelic
Engineering Science   Economics  AP Gàidhlig
English   Engineering Science AP Geography  
ESOL  English  W German
Environmental Science   ESOL  AP Graphic Communication
Fashion & Textile Tech   Environmental Science  A Health & Food Technology  
French  A Fashion & Textile Tech  AP History
Gaelic   French  QP Italian
Gàidhlig   Gaelic  QP Latin
Geography   Gàidhlig  AP Mandarin
German   Geography  AP Mathematics
Graphic Communication  German  QP Mathematics of Mechanics
Health & Food Tech   Graphic Communication AP Modern Studies  
History   Health & Food Technology  QP AP Music
Hospitality   History  QP AP Physical Education  
Italian   Human Biology  A Physics
Latin   Italian  QP RMPS
Mandarin   Latin  AP Spanish
Mathematics   Mandarin  QP Statistics  
Mathematics, Applications of   Mathematics  QP AP  
Media   Media  QP AP National 1 and 2
Modern Studies   Modern Studies  AP National 1 and 2
Music   Music  AP Higher National Qualifications
Music Technology  Music Technology  AP HN homepage
Philosophy  Philosophy  AP *Accounting (Login required)
Physical Education  P Photography  AP *Administration & IT (Login required)
Physics   Physical Education  AP *Advertising & PR (Login required)
Practical Metalworking  Physics  AP *Business (Login required)
Practical Woodworking  Politics  A  AP *Electrical Engineering (Login required)
Psychology   Psychology  AP *Electronics (Login required)
RMPS   RMPS  AP *Marketing (Login required)
Sociology   Sociology  AP *Science (Login required)
Spanish   Spanish  QP Scottish Vocational Qualifications
Urdu   Urdu  QP Business and Administration
    Scots Language Award
    Higher Statistics Award 
    Core Skills
    Core Skills 

 NEW   Course appearing for the first time - or re-appearing after an absence
Existing course updated with new content - AP (Audio Presentation), W (Webinar), QP (Question paper), A (Assignment),
P (Portfolio), V (Video), G (Guidance)
[These flags removed after three months - with the exception of Higher during session 2018-19]