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Higher National Qualifications

The purpose of this section for Higher National Qualifications is the same as for our pages for National Qualifications - to help teaching professionals more fully understand and apply the assessment standards used in SQA qualifications. However, the way that the material has been developed and presented will reflect the different requirements for assessing Higher National Qualifications across the range covered.

This is a password-protected area of the website and centres should ensure the security and confidentiality of the material held here. Login details can be obtained from the SQA Co-ordinator in centres approved to deliver the qualifications and should be entered using the link which appears in the top-right of the screen.

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Higher National Qualifications (August 2018)

We have now made this page an open page for our coverage of Higher National Qualifications, giving this qualifications group visibility at the top-level of the website. Nothing further is viewable or accessible until the correct login details have been entered. Once that has been done, the drop-down menu will show the following additional options:

menu showing the additional Higher National pages