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Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies (RMPS) - additional resources for Session 2021-22


Session 2021-22 Question Paper  |  February 2022

New Higher Question Paper Presentation (pptx)

New Higher Question Paper Evidence (pdf)

New Higher Question Paper Commentaries (pdf)

Session 2021-22 Audio Presentation  |  March 2021

Carried forward Higher RMPS - Question Paper Audio Presentation (ppsx)

Advanced Higher

Session 2021-22 Question Paper/Dissertation  |  February 2022

New Advanced Higher Question Paper & Dissertation Presentation (pptx)

New Advanced Higher Question Paper Evidence (pdf)

New Advanced Higher Question Paper Commentaries (pdf)

New Advanced Higher Dissertation Evidence (pdf)

New Advanced Higher Dissertation Commentaries (pdf)

Session 2021-22 Audio Presentation  |  May 2021

Carried forward Audio presentation – Question paper and Dissertation (ppsx)


New New materials not previously published

Updated Published in 2020/21 but amended for 2021/22

Carried forward Published in 2020/21 carried-forward to 2021/22