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Advanced Higher RMPS - project-dissertation

NEW  |  Session 2019-20
Project-dissertation  |  2019  (All links to PDF files)
Candidate 1     How convincing is the Teleological Argument as proof for the existence of God?
Candidate 2     To what extent does the Teleological Argument establish the existence of God?
Candidate 3     Is Aquinas’ Cosmological argument strong enough to prove that God exists?
Candidate 4     To what extent is the concept of God incoherent?
Candidate 5     Is a termination during pregnancy ever morally acceptable?
Candidate 6     A critical evaluation of the moral acceptability of euthanasia.
Candidate 7     Religious experiences are such that they are beyond academic study. To what extent is this a valid assertion?
Candidate 8     Secular perspectives have discredited religious experience. To what extent is this accurate?