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Practical Cake Craft - additional resources for Session 2021-22

National 5

Session 2021-22 Audio Presentation  |  November 2021
 New   New – National 5 – Audio presentation - Question Paper, Assignment and Practical Activity  (ppsx)
Session 2021-22 Assignment |   December 2020
 Carried forward   Practical Cake Craft: assignment - candidate workbook (.docx) 
 Carried forward   Practical Cake Craft: assignment - candidate workbook (Google Doc) 
 Carried forward   Practical Cake Craft: assignment - candidate workbook (pdf) 
Session 2021-22 Practical activity   |   December 2020
 Carried forward   Practical Cake Craft: practical activity - recording sheet (.docx)  
Session 2021-22 National 5   |   November 2020
 Carried forward   Webinar - Practical Cake Craft: preparing assessment materials (mp4, 33 minutes)  (External link to SQA website)
 Carried forward   National 5 Practical Cake Craft: Question Paper Setting Grid (.docx)  (External link to SQA website)


 New   New materials not previously published 
 Updated   Published in 2020/21 but amended for 2021/22
 Carried forward   Published in 2020/21 carried-forward to 2021/22