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📹 National 5 Practical Cake Craft - Skills Demonstration Videos

Session 2020-21 UPDATE  -  November 2020

Please note. For session 2020-21 there will be no external assessment for this course and component. However, this material remains a useful illustration of the standards required. It should be viewed along with the National 5 to Advanced Higher information for 2020-21 on the subject pages. (External link to SQA website)

There are two options to view these videos. The first is to use the menu on the left to play the mp4 file through an embedded media player on the web page. The second is to watch from the links below, which will open and play the same file - either within a new tab in your web browser or through your default media player. (Please see note on using iOS devices)

Title (duration, file size)
Part 1 - Marzipan the Cake  (14:32, 120 MB)
Part 2 - Icing the Cake  (6:51, 57 MB)
Part 3 - Icing the Base   (9:33, 79 MB)
Part 4 - Piping Skills   (11:37, 72 MB)
Part 5 - Stencil   (8:47, 95 MB)
Part 6 - Dog Decor   (15:27, 127 MB)