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National 5 Care - project

National 5 - Care - UPDATE

Following revision to the project for session 2017-18, the marks in these examples are no longer in line with the revised requirements. However, they remain useful as a guide to the standards required. They should be viewed in conjunction with the revised National 5 Care Course specification at:

Structure and coverage of the Course assessment

The purpose of this project is to research and investigate the needs of individuals requiring care and the services that meet these needs, in response to a given brief. Candidates will plan their work, respond to the brief and evaluate their project. Evidence for Sections 1 and 2 will be presented in an appropriate format, under supervised conditions. Section 3 will be completed by the learner under controlled conditions.

The project will give learners an opportunity to demonstrate the following skills, knowledge and understanding:

This project has three Sections:

Section 1, titled ‘Action Plan’
Learners will provide a plan of the work they intend to undertake.

Section 2, titled ‘Responding to the Project Brief’.
Learners will carry out research and investigation based on the project brief and present their findings in an appropriate format. Each brief will give learners an opportunity to demonstrate the skills, knowledge and understanding that they have developed during the course.

Section 3, titled ‘Evaluation’
Learners will provide an evaluation of the project


There are three exemplar projects in this section.

The first two scripts have been divided into three parts. This is for ease of viewing and to minimise scrolling - it does not reflect the organisation of the scripts themselves. The third script is too long to be viewed in this way and will launch as a PDF file. All the other scripts and commentaries are also available in PDF versions.