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Higher English - portfolio-writing

Portfolio-writing 2023  (All links open to PDF files)

Broadly discursive - Fast fashion

Broadly creative - The Sound of Silence

Broadly creative - The Bungee Jump


Portfolio-writing 2021  (All links open to PDF files)

Broadly creative - My Tennis Identity

Broadly creative - The Christmas Season

Broadly creative - Lessons on guitar, experiences for life

Broadly creative - Happiness is Egg Shaped


Portfolio-writing 2019 (All links open to PDF files)

Discursive - How Music Broadens The Mind

Creative - Moorman

Creative - In the Jaws of the Grand Dragon

Discursive - Why Zoos Should be Endangered

Creative - Having a Bad Day

Discursive - I Don’t Mean To Be Dramatic But…

Creative - Ophelia

Discursive - Cyberchondria


Portfolio-writing 2015  (All links open as PDF files)

Candidate 1 - Technology: Our Servant or Master?

Candidate 2 - There's No Place Like Home School...

Candidate 3 - Plastic Lives

Candidate 4 - Lost but not forgotten

Candidate 5 - Scarred

Candidate 6 - Can I be Bothered?

Candidate 7 - The Claus of a Predator

Candidate 8 - Let Me Count the Ways

Candidate 9 - Porphyria Speaks