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Higher Urdu - assignment-writing

Assignment-writing  |  2019  (All links to PDF files)
Candidate 1   SocietyLiving in a joint family is a blessing. Discuss. You could discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living in a joint family system. You could include differences in living as a family in Scotland and Pakistan You could include your opinion of living in a joint family
Candidate 2   Learning - Visiting other countries for learning purposes i.e work experience helps you learn about the people form that countries work ethic in comparison to ours. Perfection in life comes through experiences. Do you agree?
Candidate 3   Learning - Learning everything off by heart is the best way of learning – writing things down/doing a practical task/learning by heart etc.
Candidate 4   Culture - Understanding different cultures helps to become a responsible citizen; Do you agree? Talk about one experience and do you recommend this to others and why?
Candidate 5   Culture - Holidays are for doing nothing, Do you agree? What are your holiday plans this year? What kind of holiday is your ideal holiday, for example active, beach, or sightseeing and/ or disadvantages are? You could also compare different types of holidays and mention why it is better and/or worse to go with your family
Candidate 6   Learning - This assignment is about Pakistan education and how they progress through life from primary school to university and further on in education and go onto professional profession. Perfection in life comes through experiences; Do you agree?