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5. Assignment – Writing title: My School

The candidate was awarded 4 marks.


The content is relevant to the title and there is an attempt to structure and organise the essay, although the introduction (Estemado señor) is somewhat unusual.  There is also evidence of ideas, opinions and reasons, such as ‘en mi opinion’ and ‘pienso que’.


This piece of writing displays serious grammatical errors corresponding to the level, for example mistakes with singular and plural ‘un exames’, ‘dos campo’, ‘mis instituto’.  There are examples of awkward sentence construction, for example ‘llevar en un instituto’los, alumnus desventaja’, poor word order ‘simpaticos alumnos’ and confusion with ‘muy/mucho’. there is frequent other language interference , for example ‘la palestra’, ‘ma’, ‘alcunos’, ‘piensano’ which impedes communication.

Language resource

The candidate does attempt to use detailed language (‘tiene unas buenas instalaciones’, ‘en este momento’, en conclusion pienso’) and different verb forms, such as the third person plural but, the lack of accuracy means that communication is frequently impeded.