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3. Assignment – Writing title: My Town

The candidate was awarded 8 marks.


The candidate addresses the title but the content is not relevant in the paragraphs on free time and future plans where there is digression from the topic of ‘My town’.  There is some sense of structure and the writing is mostly organised into appropriate paragraphs. There is an attempt to express some opinions and reasons.


In general, there is an inadequate degree of grammatical accuracy. The candidate makes many errors, which are often serious, such as verb omissions ‘cuando yo diez y ocho’ and incorrect use of the infinitive, e.g. ‘yo querer’. Although there are some accurate sentences, there is little evidence of verb control, even in the present tense, e.g. ‘me gusta juego’ and ‘sale con mis amigos’. There are some repeated errors of spelling ‘por elejemplo’ and ‘en realitidad’. There are also some examples of dictionary misuse, for example ‘unirse de la militar’.

Language resource

The candidate does attempt to use a range of tenses and detailed language; however, the lack of grammatical accuracy means the writing better matches the descriptors in pegged mark 8. Basic structures, such as ‘hay’ and ‘tiene’ are used successfully, but they are repeated throughout. Where the candidate attempts to use more detailed language, such as in the paragraph about future plans, the lack of accuracy means that, on balance, there is more incorrect than correct language.