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2. Assignment – Writing title: Holidays

The candidate was awarded 12 marks.


The candidate addresses the title competently and at length. The content is relevant and the piece is written in an organised manner, structured in paragraphs. There is an attempt to express ideas, opinions and reasons in a range of tenses.


This candidate demonstrates an uneven performance in terms of accuracy. It is a longer piece of writing and there are several examples of verbs being used correctly in the past tenses, e.g. ‘fui’, ‘había, and ‘me encantaba el destino porque estaba en la costa’. However, the candidate does not display consistent control of verbs, as there are some examples of serious verb errors, e.g. ‘me gustaría vivo’, ‘es depende donde soy’, ‘soméos en’ On balance, despite the errors, the candidate produces more correct than incorrect language.

Language resource

The candidate attempts to use not only detailed language, but also a range of structures. The writing covers a range of tenses, including present, conditional, imperfect and preterite. There is consistent use of linking phrases, e.g. ‘sin embargo’, ‘por ejemplo’ and ‘en el futuro’ and there is a nice example of a comparative ‘mas segura’, albeit with a missing accent. Sentence construction is detailed with many examples of connectives, such as ‘porque’, adding depth to the writing.