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1. Assignment – Writing title: Holidays

The candidate was awarded 20 marks


Overall, this is a very competent piece of writing. The candidate addresses the title fully and in a balanced way. The writing is well structured and the language flows very well. Ideas and opinions are expressed well throughout.


The candidate demonstrates a very good level of accuracy overall, particularly in spelling and word order. Where there are errors in spelling, e.g.’mediteranea’, ‘escocia’ and ‘crecero’, these do not detract from the overall impression. The verbs are very secure, with the exception of ‘he encantado’, and the past tenses are handled accurately, despite a few lapses, such as the missing accent in ‘pase’ and the error ‘dúre’. There are a few other errors, for example omission of the personal ‘a’ after ‘conocer’, but this writing matches the descriptors of pegged mark 20 rather than those of pegged mark 16.

Language resource

This candidate has used detailed language from start to finish and there are even several examples of structures beyond National 5 level, e.g. ‘si tuviera…’ and ‘eso es porque’. A good range of verbs and tenses is evident, including ‘iría’, ‘fuimos’ and ‘saqué’. There is a wide variety of verbs and phrases, such as ‘desde mi punto de vista’, ‘odio el tiempo lluvioso’ and ‘tuve que volver’.