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Candidate 2

Context: Culture – write 120-200 words in French

You take part in an event about about Scottish life and culture and you are to write up your findings for your exchange school in French.

You could mention:

  • what main celebrations there are in Scotland and when they take place
  • what you prepare/do/eat for any of these celebrations;
  • the typical food eaten in Scotland and your opinions;
  • the best thing about/advantages to living in Scotland and reasons why;
  • the worst thing about/disadvantages of living in Scotland and reasons why;
  • if you are going to stay in Scotland/leave Scotland in the future and reasons why/why not

Fêtes en Ecosse

Je m’appelle      . J’ai quinze ans. J’habite a c’est une ville jolie et sympa. Ma ville est cool car il y a beacoup à faire ici.

En Ecosse, il y a le ‘Burns Night’ en janvier le vinhgt cinq. Il y a un ‘Haggis’ c’est bon, la repas est dans le soir. Il y a musique et poemes. Robert Burns est le fameux poete National ecossais.

Ma mere prepare le repas avec ‘Haggis et pommes de terre, c’est riche.

En Ecosse les persones manger mal et les frittes et poisson (fish supper) c’est mauvais pour la sante si tu mange souvent.

Les jeunes consommer des boisson gazeuses ‘Irn Bru’ – c’est typique ecossais mais il y a beacoup de sucre dans le. Les fruits et legumes sont cher et c’est pour ceci ma famille ne mange pas. C’est mieux pour la santé !

Il fait froid, il y a mauvais. Un avantage c’est les paysages, c’est vraiment magnifique.

Au revoir !

The candidate was awarded 8 marks because……


The candidate writes in a structured and organised way however the content is not always relevant to the task and there is a theme of healthy living as much as there is mention of cultural aspects and food aspects (of Scottish celebrations). The first short paragraph is not relevant to the chosen task. Also, limited ideas are expressed in relation to main celebrations.


The accuracy is inadequate for the level and often communication is impeded: ‘Les jeunes consommer des boisson gazeuses ‘Irn Bru’ …’ and ‘…il y a mauvais.’ The writing has spelling errors – notably ‘beacoup’, ‘frittes’ and ‘persones’, although it is mainly problems with sentence structure and knowledge of language that bring the accuracy down: adjectival agreements are missed, there are incorrect genders and word order problems ‘…il y a beaucoup de sucre dans le.’ There are instances of wrong verb endings/verbs not conjugated.

Language resource

The candidate uses a limited amount of detailed language and adjectives are limited to ‘bon’, ‘mauvais’, ‘cool’ and ‘froid’. There is over-reliance on the structure ‘il y a ’ and the candidate does not employ any verbs of opinion even in the first person. There are attempts to use the third person plural of ‘er’ verbs but as mentioned above, these are not successful. The range of verbs is essentially limited to avoir, être and s’appeler and the writing lacks flow with few connectives and time phrases.