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Candidate 1

Context: Society – write 120-200 words in French

You read some posts in French on a website about healthy eating tips. You decide to add your own post. You decide to mention:

  • your eating habits and why you eat what you do
  • the importance of eating healthily and why
  • the benefits of keeping fit through doing exercise on a regular basis
  • if you enjoy exercise and why
  • the bad habits to avoid and why
  • what your plans are for the future and how you will keep fit

La santé

D’habitude je mange trois repas par jour et je mange beaucoup. Je suis une trop gourmand persone! Je n’aime pas du poisson - je déteste ça, c’est dégoutant. Quelquefois, je mange les fruits et des legumes, tellement j’ai une alimentation sain. Par contre, j’adore manger des frites mais c’est gras, c’est vrai.

Je dois manger moins du chocolat et plus de verdures mais il y a tonnes de tentations et les bonbons, c’est bon marché. Je suis d’accord sur l’importance de manger sain et boire de l’eau car c’est mieux pour le corps et santé.

Je fais du sport trois fois chaque semaine – je fais footing avec des copains et aussi jouer au foot. Je joue avec l’équipe du collège. Nous avons des matchs le samedi. J’adore faire de l’exercice - c’est ma passion. Portant, je suis paresseux et je mange trop – je fais un regimen.

Je dois eviter les bonbons et les frites je sais….car c’est mauvais pour la santé. Je vais faire plus de sports et bois moins de boissons gazeuses dans le futur.

The candidate was awarded 16 marks because……


The candidate writes in a structured and organised way and the content is relevant throughout. A range of ideas and opinions are expressed and reasons are given about why it is important to eat healthily and why s/he will eat less sweets and chips.


The accuracy is good in places and less convincing in others, and there are some simple errors which detract a little from the overall impression in places: ‘gourmand’ and ‘sain’ do not agree, there are problems with expressing ‘some’ and basic errors such as missing the article to express general opinions ‘Je n’aime pas du poisson’ and ‘j’adore manger des frites.’ A future tense is used accurately though as are modal verb structures.

There are a couple of careless spelling errors and accents missing in places, but overall the degree of spelling is good. There is misuse of the dictionary with ‘tellement’ and other tongue interference ‘regimen’ but these do not detract.

Language resource

The writing might have flowed better with some additional time phrases and connectives. However, the candidate does mostly use detailed language – ‘c’est mieux por la santé…’ and ‘c’est dégoutant’ for example. A range of verbs (aimer, detester, éviter, manger, boire) is on offer, one 3rd person plural is used and the candidate employs a future tense and modal verbs quite effectively.