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Advanced Higher Spanish - portfolio

Advanced Higher Modern Languages  |  NEW - Session 2019-20

The 2018 examples can also be viewed as web pages from the menu on the left. There are additional examples for French and German and Gaelic and Mandarin elsewhere on the website

Portfolio  |  2018  (All links to PDF files)

Candidate 1 - Compare and analyse how "loss of innocence" is portrayed in La Lengua de las Mariposas and El laberinto del fauno.

Candidate 2 - To what extent have historical contexts and Gabriel García Márquez's own life experiences influenced events, characters and themes in the novel El coronel no tiene quien le escriba?

Spanish examples - candidates 1 and 2  (PDF)
Portfolio  |  2016  (All links to PDF files)
Candidate A to D - evidence Candidates A to D - commentary