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Discursive Writing - Candidate 5

The candidate was awarded 20 marks.


The candidate writes with some sense of structure and uses content which is mostly relevant to the title. She does attempt to address the title and to present some arguments. The candidate does attempt to draw a conclusion but the final sentence ( El concepto de la familia está cambiando hasta ahora) is disappointing and not entirely clear. Overall the response is competent and the content is mostly clear, although opinions such as ‘se considera una familia es diferente a la familia tradicional’ do not contribute positively to the overall impression.


The candidate demonstrates an adequate degree of grammatical accuracy corresponding to the level. Verbs are mostly correct and there is an attempt to introduce a range of tenses (present indicative and subjunctive, imperfect, perfect). There are, however, a number of serious errors (por mucha gente, las families, familias..aceptado, sean reconocido, no ya había legalizado, el mundo y la familia ha cambiado, a pesar de muchas familias ser, un gran parte) which do detract from the overall impression. Despite this there is more correct language than incorrect.

Language resource

The candidate does attempt to use complex and sophisticated language and attempts to use a range of vocabulary and structures appropriate to Advanced Higher. There are some co-ordinating conjunctions and phrases (hoy en día, sin duda, por otro lado) but there is also a lot of repetition (the word ‘familia’ appears twenty-two times) and the overall impression is that the language resource could have been developed further.