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Discursive Writing - Candidate 4

The candidate was awarded 28 marks.


The candidate writes in a structured way and uses content which is mostly relevant to the title. She addresses the stimulus, presents different arguments and viewpoints and draws a conclusion. Overall, the content is clear.


The candidate demonstrates a good level of accuracy corresponding to the level. Although there are some errors (‘cree’, muchos países no tenía, quieren de aprender, incentivirse, omission of ‘para’ before infinitives) the candidate does use a range of verbs and tenses ( present indicative and subjunctive, perfect and imperfect) as appropriate to the topic. There are a few serious errors (asiástico, l’inmigración, una barrera es creido) which do detract from the overall impression.

Language resource

The candidate mostly uses complex and sophisticated language and uses a range of structures and vocabulary appropriate to Advanced Higher, although there are some errors. She does use a range of co-ordinating conjunctions (sin embargo, por un lado, por otro lado, o sea). Overall the candidate has produced an essay which, despite the errors, just merits the mark awarded.