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Discursive Writing - Candidate 1

The candidate was awarded 36 marks.


The candidate writes in a well-organised and structured way, using content which is relevant to the stimulus and addresses the statement fully. He does present different arguments and viewpoints and draws a conclusion. Overall this comes over as a competent and well thought-out response.


The candidate generally demonstrates a very good level of grammatical accuracy but there are a number of errors (partidos derechos, están peligrosos, no están tolerante, como consequencia, en cuento a, Europea, hacia lo, unfortunadamante, la diversidad cultura) and some inconsistencies in the use of the subjunctive, which do detract occasionally from the overall very good impression.

Language resource

The candidate mostly uses complex and sophisticated language and a wide range of structures and vocabulary appropriate to Advanced Higher (la diversidad cultural abre la mente, mostrar ambos lados del debate, es una lástima, opino de manera distinta). There is a wide range of verbs and tenses (present indicative and subjunctive, conditional, perfect and imperfect). The candidate makes very good use of co-ordinating conjunctions and discourse markers (hoy en día, además, en primer lugar, por otro lado, para resumir, que yo sepa, sin embargo, finalmente). Ideas and opinions are expressed effectively.