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Higher Politics - assignment

Section A - Identifying and demonstrating factual and theoretical knowledge and understanding of the issue, showing an awareness of different points of view 10 marks
Section B - Analysing and synthesising information in a structured manner 14 marks
Section C - Communicating and referring to political sources 2 marks
Section D - Drawing a detailed and reasoned conclusion(s) about the issue 4 marks
Assignment  |  2017  (All links to PDF files)
1. To what extent is the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn the reason for the fall of the Labour Party.
►     Script     |     Commentary (Sections A, B, C and D)   
2. To what extent would Scotland not succeed outside the United Kingdom.
►     Script     |     Commentary (Sections A and D)
3. To what extent is the current voting system used in the UK unproportional and unrepresentative compared to another system.
►      Script     |     Commentary (Sections A and C)
4. Do referendums strengthen democracy?
►     Script     |     Commentary (Section B)
5. Voting behaviour.
►     Script     |     Commentary (Section D)
6. The differences outweigh the similarities between liberalism and conservatism. Discuss.
►      Script     |     Commentary (Section D)
7. To what extent has Barack Obama been a successful president.
►     Script     |     Commentary (Sections A and D)
►     Scripts (Complete - candidates 1 to 7) ►     Commentaries (Complete - candidates 1 to 7)