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Candidate 2 - French - Culture scenario

Last summer you attended a festival in France. After your trip, your teacher/lecturer asks you to write an article in French about your experience for your school/college webpage.

You must include the following information and you should try to add other relevant details:

  • With whom you travelled and what you thought of your accommodation
  • Your impression of the place/festival location
  • What you thought of the festival itself
  • What you enjoyed most
  • What you did on days you did not go to the festival
  • Why you would recommend this type of cultural experience to others

You should write approximately 150-180 words 

L’été derniere il y avait le festival a Nantes – ‘les trois continents’. J’y suis passe trois jours.

Je suis allé à l’hotel qui était 5 étoiles et avec piscine, c’était genial!

Nantes est super mais il y a du bruit la nuit. Le festival est intéressant – il y a un choix  de films pour les jeunes.

Mon film préferée était un film d’horreur car c’est effrayant et choquant!

Un jour (non au festival) on est allé dans la campagne, visiter un château. Mes parents aimer l’histoire, moi non, c’est ennuyuex

Je recommandarais le ‘trois continent’ festival, car c’est varie et Nantes c’est super.


The candidate was awarded 4 marks because…


The content of the writing is limited. The first part of bullet point one is not addressed. Very few opinions and reasons are provided apart from super, genial and preferee. There is some sense of structure but the candidate struggles to go into any detail to cover the scenario.


The language is inaccurate throughout and the present tense is nearly as prevalent as the perfect tense. On est allé and il y avait are used correctly but there is little evidence of any real control of verbs and tenses. An infinitive is used (where the verb should have been conjugated) and the conditional tense is misspelt.

Language resource

There is little use of any detailed and complex language and the writing reads somewhat like a list of events with no connectives or time phrases used. The verbs are basic and limited to avoir, être, aller, passer, visiter and aimer. There is also evidence of other tongue interference affecting word order: le ‘trois continent’ festival.