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Candidate 5 - Spanish - Learning scenario

You recently took part in an exchange trip to a school/college in Segovia. You stayed in a youth hostel and you attended the Spanish school/college most days. Your teacher/lecturer asks you to write an account in Spanish about your school/college exchange experience.

You must include the following information and should try to add other relevant details:

  • How you travelled and who you travelled with
  • What the school/college was like 
  • What you did during the school/college day
  • What you thought of the daily routine in Spain
  • How you got on with the exchange teachers/lecturers
  • If you would recommend such an experience to others

You should write approximately 150-180 words

Fuimos de intercambio escolar a Segovia en España. Fuimos allí una semana.

Fue con mis amigos de clase y dos profes. Había 15 almunos en total. El avión fue largo y abburido. Por lo tanto vi una revista y escuché música en mi ipod.

En el centro era el colegio San Juan. Fue grande y moderno. Las aulas son muy sucias y peqenas no me gusta nada.

Fue en clase de ingles, historia, ciencias y deporte durante los dias. Jugamos un dia al baloncesto - qué guay. No me gusto los profes del colegio como fueron estrictos. Los alumnos de Espana fueron vale.

El dia de Espana es muy largo y se acostan tarde. En la noche hay mas gente en la calle. Creo que la rutina de escuela esta buena.

Para mí recomendaría un experiencia escolar al extranjero porque fui divertido y se puede mejorar el idioma. Es un gran beneficio en mi opinión.





The candidate was awarded 8 marks because…


Although the writing has some structure and the bullet points are covered, the content is relatively limited. The candidate expresses a few ideas and opinions mainly limited to abburido, no me gusta, creo que and divertido. There are few reasons provided and the opinions are not really expanded upon.


After the first part of the first bullet point, the accuracy of the language declines. Control of the past tense becomes less evident as the candidate goes on with the present tense being used more often. There are problems with the parts of ‘ser’ in the preterite tense and there is confusion about when to use ‘ser’ and ‘estar’. The verb ‘ver’ is used incorrectly with revista and there are some careless spelling errors: almunos, abburido, peqenas and se acostan. There are some serious errors in gender and several missing accents: un experiencia, el dia, Espana, ingles and esta. More verbs are incorrect than correct.

Language resource

With the exception of para mi, creo que and por lo tanto, the remainder of the range of structures and variety of vocabulary is limited. The candidate relies on listing some nouns and some of the sentences are brief:  Había 15 almunos en total,  El avión fue largo y abburido. There is evidence of some dictionary misuse and other tongue language interference:  fueron vale, como fueron estrictos and el avion fue largo and en la noche. Overall, there is limited use of detailed and complex language.