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Advanced Higher French - portfolio

Advanced Higher Modern Languages  |  NEW - Session 2019-20

The 2018 examples can also be viewed as web pages from the menu on the left. There are additional examples for German and Spanish and Gaelic and Mandarin elsewhere on the website.

Portfolio  |  2018 

Candidate 1 - An analysis of how naivety and circumstance affect the character of Lucien in Lacombe Lucien.

Candidate 2 - In times of war and great trauma, the question must be asked 'What makes us human?'. In the film Au revoir les enfants and the poem Liberté, to what extent is this question central to our understanding of the works?

French examples - candidates 1 and 2  (PDF)
Portfolio  |  2016  (All links to PDF files)
Candidates 1 to 4 - evidence Candidates 1 to 4 - commentary