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Questions and Answers - Changes to assessment in National 5 Fashion and Textile Technology

Can candidates use patterns from books or the internet for their fashion/textile item for the assignment?

Yes. Patterns downloaded from the internet or copied from books or magazines can be used. Candidates using these patterns would need to transcribe the pattern onto suitable paper and transfer the markings and instructions so that it could be used in the same way as they would if it was a traditionally produced paper pattern.

Candidates should indicate the source of the pattern clearly with the following information as appropriate:

  • the name of the manufacturer and number of the pattern
  • the name of the publication and issue date (or issue number)
  • the website URL, with source pages specified

In all cases, candidates should ensure that the pattern they use allows them to make an item that meets the criteria for a detailed fashion/textile item.

Will every pupil will be required to have a brand new commercial pattern of their choice for the assessment?

No, the pattern they use does not need to be new. However, the nature of the Assignment means that each candidate will make an item which is based on the results of the investigations they have carried out. Therefore, it is expected that candidates will produce a range of different solutions, and consequently, each candidate would require an appropriate pattern to use.

Can candidates use images from the internet to make up a moodboard?

Yes, internet research is a good way to gather ideas and images for a moodboard. However, all sources of images used should be credited. There is further guidance on research techniques in Appendix 6 of the Course Support Notes which are in the National 5 Fashion and Textile Technology Course Specification.

Can candidates use the same technique for two of their three investigations?

Yes. At National 5, candidates are required to ‘carry out three investigations using a minimum of two investigative techniques’. However, it is therefore perfectly acceptable for candidates to choose to use a different technique for each investigation.

Do the candidates have to type their Assignment, or can it be handwritten?

The Candidate Workbook is currently available on the subject page of the website in Word and PDF format so candidates and centres have a choice in how the Assignment is completed.

A Word document is available to download for candidates who want to enter their information electronically. Once the data has been entered, this should be printed out for submission to SQA. A PDF version is also available for candidates who wish to hand write their information. This version can be downloaded, completed by the candidate and then submitted to SQA.

What is the submission date for the Assignment?

Completed Assignments should be submitted to SQA by 21 March 2018.

When are the briefs for the Assignment published?

These have been published on the SQA secure website.


What are the criteria for a candidate to be awarded the mark in an evaluation question?

In questions that ask the candidate to evaluate, the candidate has to make a judgement based on the information provided and related to the context of the question. Therefore, evidence that the candidate has considered each of these should feature in the response.

Will there be course notes or a text book available?

The Course Support Notes have been extensively reviewed and give lots of suggestions for learning and teaching as well as updated sources of information. These are included in the National 5 Fashion and Textile Technology Course Specification which is available on the website. SQA does not publish textbooks. If a textbook does become available, this is likely to be communicated directly to centres by the publisher.

When will the Specimen Question Paper be available?

The Specimen Question Paper is now available on the SQA website.