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Higher English - reading for understanding, analysis and evaluation

The examples here can be viewed from the menu on the left as web pages or PDF files from the links below.

Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation  |  2015  (All links open as PDF files)
Question paper  (External link to SQA website)
Finalised marking instructions  (External link to SQA website)
Candidate 1 Evidence Commentary
Candidate 2 Evidence Commentary
Candidate 3 Evidence  Commentary

Passage 1 – Article is adapted from “Goodbye birds. Goodbye butterflies. Hello… farmageddon,” by Isabell Oakeshott, taken from The Sunday Times, 19 January 2014. Reproduced by permission of News Syndication. © The Sunday Times, January 2014.
Passage 2 – Article is adapted from “Pasture to the Plate” by Audrey Ayton, taken from The Observer supplement, 10 July 1994. Reproduced by permission of Guardian News and Media. Copyright Guardian News and Media Ltd 2015.