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Higher English - critical reading

These examples can be accessed from the links below or from the menu on the left.

Scottish Text  |  2015   (All links open as PDF files)
Candidate 1 ("War Photographer")     Evidence   |   Commentary
Candidate 2 ("The Cone-Gatherers")     Evidence   |   Commentary
Candidate 3 ("Men Should Weep")     Evidence   |   Commentary
Candidate 4 ("The Slab Boys")     Evidence   |   Commentary
Critical Essay  |  2015   (All links open as PDF files)
Candidate 1 ("The Great Gatsby")     Evidence    |    Commentary
Candidate 2 ("Death of a Salesman")     Evidence    |    Commentary
Candidate 3 ("A Hanging")     Evidence    |    Commentary
Candidate 4 ("Death of a Naturalist")     Evidence    |    Commentary
Candidate 5 ("Macbeth")     Evidence    |    Commentary
Candidate 6 ("Shutter Island")     Evidence    |    Commentary
Candidate 7 ("The Rabbit Catcher")     Evidence    |    Commentary
Candidate 8 ("A Streetcar Named Desire")     Evidence    |    Commentary