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Higher Business Management - assignment

Higher Business Management - Assignment - UPDATE  (June 2018)

Following revision to the practical activity for session 2018-19, the marks in these examples are no longer in line with the revised requirements. However, they remain useful as a guide to the nature of the task and the responses required. 

Assignment  |  2016   (All links open as PDF files)
Course assessment specification   (External link to SQA website)
Candidate 1  (Introduction | using SWOT analysis on Volkswagen) Commentary
Candidate 2  (Introduction | using SWOT analysis on Morrisons Plc) Commentary
Candidate 3  (Research | the marketing mix of the Highland Spring Group) Commentary
Candidate 4  (Research | using SWOT analysis on Boots) Commentary
Candidate 5  (Analysis and interpretation | the marketing mix of Asda) Commentary
Candidate 6  (Analysis and interpretation | the marketing strategies of Emirates airline) Commentary
Candidate 7  (Conclusions and recommendations | using SWOT analysis on Emirates airline) Commentary
Candidate 8  (Conclusions and recommendations | the promotional strategies used by OXO) Commentary