January 25 2015

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What’s involved in SCQF level 5 Communication?

The object of this Unit is to develop the learners’ written and oral communication skills so that they are able to cope with a wide range of topics.  The tasks can cover current issues and/or vocational contexts.  The unit is designed to enable learners to function at the minimum level required for intermediate posts in business, administration and technician occupations.

At SCQF 5 communication no longer has to be ‘straightforward’ and learners will be expected to manage a degree of complexity in each task. They will be able to:

  • Produce and respond to oral communication.
  • Read, understand and evaluate written communication.
  • Produce well structured written communication.

Learners at SCQF level 5 are required to deal with language which is sometimes complex and conveys different strands of information or ideas, not all of which will be familiar from the everyday context. They should require little support in completing their tasks.

This unit is not just about assessing a minimum number of tasks. Rather, it should be used as a tool for developing the range of skills. In reading, it is important that you encourage the learners to read widely from a range of documents with different themes, styles and formats, used in different contexts, eg in work, leisure or education. Similarly, learners should experiment with a variety of writing formats and styles, practising formal and informal styles, using graphics and supporting materials, and writing for different audiences, before attempting an assessment task. Speaking and listening skills, in discussion and in delivering presentations on familiar and unfamiliar topics, should be developed over a period, to build confidence and technique.

Practising and developing expertise in a range of contexts will emphasise to the learners that these skills are not limited to a particular subject, course of study or workplace situation, but can be used in all areas of their lives.

At SCQF 5 a learner could demonstrate competence by:

  • explaining a task with several steps and a considerable degree of detail to a new member of a team or class
  • following detailed onscreen instructions to play a new computer game and commenting on their effectiveness
  • producing a local investigation report with appropriate subdivisions/headings

Key words to describe the tasks and assessments for SCQF 5 are:

  • accessible (reading)
  • well-structured (writing and talking)

Also, the words “complex, unfamiliar and abstract” begin to appear in the specifications at this level.