February 1 2015

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Directed Writing Examples

Over the years examining teams have come to understand how important it is to be able to write on candidatesí responses.† Each year a selection of responses is made to give to markers as Photostats, so that each marker has a set of responses covering as full as possible a range of marks.† Examining teams have seen how their views can change between selecting a response, when no marks can be made on the paper, and having a photocopy on which errors can be shown.† Very often it is clear that the initial grade considered has been generous.

It is therefore recommended that, when working on these examples of Writing, you should select the enlarged version and print this out.† You should seek to mark everything that is wrong, usually by underlining the mistake.† Where the error is in word order, you may find it helpful to use a different annotation, e.g. to circle the mis-placed word.

Once you have come to a conclusion about the appropriate mark for the language, you should then check that the task has been fully addressed.† If there are two clear areas to which the candidates should be responding, it is essential that both of these have been addressed.† If this is not the case, you will have to drop the mark to the next category, e.g. a response which is linguistically 8 but which has omitted part of the task must be awarded 6.†