February 1 2015

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Welcome to SQA's 'Understanding Standards'

Welcome to the Scottish Qualifications Authority's Understanding Standards website.
The website is primarily designed for use by subject teachers and therefore assumes subject knowledge and some familiarity with the examination papers. Visitors to the site will have the opportunity to consider the principles which underlie the marking of their subjects and to apply this understanding by marking a number of candidate responses and comparing the marks they give to those given by the marking team.

Login to the site
Most of the content on this site is freely available to look at; there are, however, still a couple of restricted areas. Please do not use the login shown at the top of this page. Select your subject from the drop-down menu. Should your chosen content be restricted you will be prompted to enter a login and password. These should have been provided to your centre for general content and for the HN section. These are separate logins. Should your centre require these again please feel free to contact us.

Contact the USW team
If you wish to contact the Understanding Standards website team about any of the content on this site, contact details are available from the following link: Contact the USW team.

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Professional Development Workshops
We also offer a range of Professional Development Workshops, led by subject specialists. Further details can be found at: Professional Development Workshops.

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