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Introduction to Intermediate 2 Sociology examples

The Intermediate 2 Sociology examination paper has three sections:

The examples provide you with an opportunity to compare your marking with that of SQA's marking team.

When you open an example, four tabs will appear:

  1. the Question which the candidate is attempting
  2. the Marking Instruction or guidance for that question
  3. the Candidate Response
  4. Your Mark - with sections to enter your own mark(s) and comments

Most tabs will display within the web page but some - particularly the candidate responses - will require you to launch a pdf document. Here you will see an icon like the one shown below - which you should double-click or right-click/select to launch and view the image file.

 Candidate Response

When you have entered your marks and comments, you should click Reveal examiner feedback to see how the candidate response was marked by a senior examiner.