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Marking instructions

There is a clear and definite approach to marking suggesting a clear policy being
followed by the centre and illustrated by the following:

  1. Ticks on candidates work to identify where credit is being given, following
    the marking practice advocated by SQA.
  2. Additional written comments on candidates' work in support of the assessment
    given on the internal assessment marking grid. Such comments are highly valued, both for the candidate in understanding how to improve their performance and for verifiers in ensuring that the candidate/centre meets the requirements of the Unit.
  3. Detailed and accurate comments avoiding the use of subjective terms which
    might lead to confusion — eg does the word 'basic' refer to a borderline candidate or someone who has no real understanding at all? Clear and unambiguous comments allow the verification team to quickly identify where a centre is being too lenient or to harsh on the candidate.
  4. Cross marking of candidates' work where possible. This is valuable evidence of
    internal moderation of the centre's work. Where staffing does not allow centres to cross mark internally then centres may consider pairing up with a nearby centre for mutual support.
  5. Detailed teacher/lecturer comments both on the candidates work and the internal
    assessment marking grid. The more detailed the comments, the more easily the teacher's judgment can be understood and accepted by the verifier.  

    Evidence that reassessment has taken place where necessary.

See the Toolbox for a link to the Internal Assessment marking grid.